In Sweden, Winners Group provides the Eurolottery service. We have more than 15 years of experience in international games and lotteries.

We have several thousand players who play using Eurolotteries every week. We strive to maintain a high standard of products and services. Our professional approach allows us to pay out a large amount of profits – that’s why our customers stay and return.

Playing with Eurolotteries let’s us handle everything – from ticket purchase to monitoring the draws and notifying you when you have winnings.


Nordic team, global presence

EuroLotteries is run by Winners Group, a scandinavian company with several years of combined experience in the industry of lottery and gambling.More than 300.000 swedish players have gotten the benefit of being able to take part in the big national lotteries through Winners Group and we are happy to have such happy customer with us.



Tip a friend

Soon can you tip a friend and win


Taxfree Payouts

 All winnings in our lotteries are tax-free under EU law but you can always check with your tax office if you are unsure about the taxes.Any taxes on our internal raffles are paid by the winner.


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New winners

His first big winnig was a giftcard at Ving worth 5000 SEK!

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