Buy A Package

We have different games products so that you can find one that suits you and your desires. Depending on which game you choose you will have different lotteries and amount of draws that you play on by a weekly basis. We buy lottery tickets in advance on your behalf so that you are sure to participate in all of the draws so that you never miss a jackpot.

Get Notified

We overview each draw so that you never miss out on a win, and you can always see your assigned lottery tickets on My Page. If you win more than 5000 SEK, we will personally notify you per telephone and congratulate you. Do not forget to leave your email and/or mobile number to us to get all the news and offers.

Cash Out

You decide when you want a payout of your winnings. You do this simply by contacting our customer service. Note that winnings under SEK 250  remains on your winning account until its total winning amount is SEK 250 or more. All winnings are tax-free in the EU, but you can always check with your tax office if you are unsure about the taxes.
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