Under the Results page you can find all drawings for all the lotteries. For your own tickets you can log into My Account and see the ticket numbers you have been assigned. All winnings are also matched internally and winners are notified directly – so you never miss out on your winnings.

If you want to cancel your subscription get in touch with our customer service through phone, email, chat or snail mail. Customer service will then handle the cancellation.

You will be paying through direct debit. For Swedish customers we use Autogiro. You can also contact customer service who can then assist you with credit card payment.

You can also use your winnings to pay for your subscription instead of requesting a payout.

You can cancel your subscription a month in advance as we purchase your lottery tickets in advance.

When you log in to your account you get a list with all of your ticket numbers and the dates for each draw you take part of in your chosen product.

You take part of a draw every day, every week – 1 lottery per day.

You enter a draw each Tuesday on EuroMillions and each Saturday in Lotería Nacional.


You enter a draw each Thursday and each Saturday (except the Special Draws).

Number of winnings and the size of the them can vary depending on whether the same ticket number has been purchased by several players, which draw it is, and if there has been a so-called rollover, ie jackpot from the previous week has gone over to the following week’s raffle.

In those occasions where it is held extra draws and competitions that are not directly tied to the lottery numbers you play on, any taxes, social contributions, co-payments or similar are paid by the winner. Internal competitions is done by a raffle among our customers who are active players. The customer  gets contacted by the customer service to answer  questions of a general character. The person who answers the most correctly in the shortest time wins, while other participants will be non-profit in the event.

All winnings of our European lotteries are tax free according to EU legislation. Upon winning the lottery outside the EU, it is up to the player himself to report possible profit tax. Contact the tax office for any questions regarding this.


Did I win?

Under My Page and lottery tickets you can find all of the tickets that has been distributed to you. These you can then compare to the lists of results. Do you have problems with reading the results, you can use our manual as a guiding.

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Tip a friend

Soon can you tip a friend and win


Taxfree Payouts

 All winnings in our lotteries are tax-free under EU law but you can always check with your tax office if you are unsure about the taxes.Any taxes on our internal raffles are paid by the winner.


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New winners

His first big winnig was a giftcard at Ving worth 5000 SEK!

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